Composite Floor Decks Ltd

Contract Management

Composite Floor Decks Limited procedures and control systems have been optimised over the past 10 years to ensure:

  • Detailed pre-planning
  • On site interfacing problems are minimised
  • Programme issues are resolved immediately
  • Quality standards are maintained
  • Safety standards are adhered to
  • Customer communication is constantly maintained
  • Auditable records and information systems
  • Contract management prepares fully detailed:
    • Task analysis
    • Site specific sales plan
  • All sites are visited prior to commencement of installation Contracts
  • All projects prior to commencement are fully programmed including:
    • Phasing of the works
    • Shop drawing process
    • Materials delivery
    • Pre-delivery co-ordination with sites
    • On site installation
  • Notice of material deliveries are issued for all deliveries

  • Contract management attend where necessary all progress meetings
  • Upon completion the works are inspected and a Completion / Handover Certificate issued
  • PS3 issued on completion of projects
  • All management staff are Site Safe Gold Card Holders


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